TRACES, the concept for Fjord Geiranger 2022, is inspired by elements of nature. Using light, video art and sound, TRACES interpreted and conveyed Geiranger’s history where the unique landscape has been formed by the elements for millions of years.

TRACES presented works of art by Norwegian and international artists

The exhibition is open
3rd-5th of March
between 19:00-22:00.

The exhibition is open 3rd-5th of March
between 19:00-22:00.


Silje Thorsager Østby and Robert Bogard / NO


Philipp Frank / DE

Light Path

Anastasia Isachsen / NO


Nils Petter Molvær / NO


Limbic Cinema / UK

Order & Chaos

Tomas Vanz / DE

The exhibition is open 3rd-5th of March
between 19:00-22:00.

The exhibition
is open 3rd-5th
of March
between 19:00-22:00.

Fjord Geiranger 2022 is supported by Sparebanken Møre
and Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune

Curator and producer: Fjord Studio
Technical solutions: Konsertsystemer LLB



Silje Thorsager Østby, Robert Iversen Bogard, Øivind Knutsen for Signify / NO

Taking the audience on a mysterious journey through light and fog, this installation explores the optical phenomenon Brockenspekter that takes place in a foggy mountainside or in the forest. Drawing inspiration from this fantastic phenomenon, Ligh3ence takes you on an magical experience, and creates a mysterious and engaging play of light, shadow and fog.

Silje Thorsager Østby has extensive experience in architectural lighting and lighting design, and has worked with a wide range of lighting projects ranging from; architectural and urban lighting, guerrilla lighting and lighting installations at home and abroad.

Robert Iversen Bogard has a long and interdisciplinary experience in architecture and urban development and has been involved in a number of installations, both in Norway and abroad. 

Øyvind Knutsen has an extensive experience in engineering with specialization in system and lighting design, and combines practical knowledge with artistic subtlety. 

Lighting design and concept: Silje Thorsager Østby, Robert Iversen Bogard, Øyvind Knutsen

Lighting control: Øyvind Knutsen, Lars Kristian Nygård, Simon Benno Sæther, Silje Thorsager Østby

Advisors: Ole Gunnar Vinger, Robert Iversen Bogard

Construction and design: Flexiform


Philipp Frank / DE

Elements is a work of art with projections on nature: rocks and ice becoming natural projection surfaces. Elements tells the story of the five elements from antiquity: fire, earth, air, water and ether. Animations are created by drawing inspiration from organic elements on site, the waterfall, surrounding trees, rocks, plants and leaves are digitally processed into fascinating animations projected back into nature. In this way, the artistic and natural world form a whole, crossing the boundary between the real and the virtual.

Philipp Frank is a video and lighting artist from Germany with roots in the “Street Art” movement. His works are at the intersection of art, technology, nature and spirituality. During the last couple of years, he has specialized in lighting installations and explores new ways to combine new technologies and several artistic disciplines.

Video art: Philipp Frank

Advisor: Anastasia Isachsen

Technical supplier: Konsertsystemer LLB


Light Path

Anastasia Isachsen / NO

​​Anastasia Isachsen’s artistic lighting creates a safe and beautiful hiking experience along the waterfall, highlighting fascinating natural surroundings and inviting the audience into another magical dimension. Combined with the other artistic elements along the waterfall, the lighting creates a varied and narrative lighting experience inspired by water and the surrounding landscape.

Anastasia Isachsen is a visual artist and curator, creating video art for projections and light art for various cultural projects. She has collaborated in a number of Norwegian and international projects for festivals, concerts, dance performances, theater, installations and exhibitions. She is the artistic director and founder of Fjord Studio, which specializes in curating and producing light art productions in Norway and internationally.

Lighting design and concept: Anastasia Isachsen

Technical supplier: Konsertsystemer LLB



Nils Petter Molvær / NO

​​Nils Petter Molvær’s spellbinding and poetic soundscape creates a magical atmosphere for the light installations along the waterfall walk in Geiranger.

The soundscape plays along with natural sounds such as water and wind, and interprets Geiranger’s history, where the unique landscape has been shaped by nature’s elements through millions of years.

Nils Petter Molvær is a Norwegian trumpeter, composer and producer who blends several music styles – jazz, ambient, house, electronic and breakbeats, as well as elements from hip hop, rock and pop music – and transforms them into unique and dramatic soundscapes with deep intensity.

Molvær is considered a pioneer within electronic jazz and has received a number of awards. He has composed music for film, theater and dance, as well as sound installations.


Limbic Cinema / UK

Circa is a large-scale light sculpture exploring circadian rhythms and reflects levels of light throughout 24 hours in a specific location. Each of the twelve luminaires represents the average light fall during one month of the year in places where Circa is exhibited. In this way, Circa becomes a three-dimensional clock, reflecting the bright and dark cycles of the location. Light is the primary zeitgeber (timer) and is therefore the major factor for circadian rhythms in multicellular life forms such as plants, animals, and humans.

The sculpture is accompanied by a synchronized sound image by Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra). Circa was developed with the support of researcher Anne Vischer as part of The Wonder Project at Wakehurst Gardens in the UK.

Limbic Cinema is a multimedia design studio from Bristol. The studio’s work is internationally recognized and they have won several international awards. The studio uses groundbreaking tools and immersive technology to transform spaces and create fascinating, meaningful and memorable experiences through the use of light, sound and vivid images.

Concept and performance: Limbic Cinema

Music: Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra)

Order & Chaos

Thomas Vanz / DE

Emergence of patterns in chaos or the way we fall in love.

True beauty is everywhere. Hard to reach, ephemeral and mysterious, or simply hidden from us, revealed in a blink or a few times it lasts forever, it shapes our ability to feel, to observe and to marvel about Nature and other beings.

But are we still able to do so? Modern life has weakened our eyes, blurred our attention, night skies have been obliterated by the city lights, noise increasingly disturbs the silence.

Everything is going so fast that it requires a lot of energy to freeze frame and contemplate what universe has to offer.

As a love letter to contemplation, Order & Chaos is an attempt to reveal the beauty we forgot or ignored, how fragile and precious its presence is, and why people are progressively losing it.

Thomas Vanz is a French director whose films are telling tales of the Cosmos’s History by producing only practical FX with inks, pigments and many others chemical products.

​Focused on the macroscopic aspect, he tries first to illustrate a Supernova, blending art and science with his first short “Novae” in 2016.The film was awarded the quantum festival’s first prize.

Directed by: Thomas Vanz

Starring: Grace Hopkins

Music: Max Cooper & Thomas Vanz