Geiranger 2023




The exhibition is open
23rd-25th of February
between 19:00-22:00.


Aleksander Kostopoulos


Aleksandra Stratimirovic


Birk Nygaard

Projection on
the Vesterås mountain


Music on Display

Benjamin Mørk

Floating Island

Noémi Prud’homme


Thomas Bruvik

The Romance
of the Abandoned Cabin

Victoria Gouzikovski

Seance with the ghost
in the machine

Kjersti Austdal

Disturbing Nature

Christine Istad og Lisa Pacini (IstadPacini ArtLab)


Randiane Aalberg Sandboe


Martinus Larsen

The exhibition is open 23rd-25th of February
between 19:00-22:00.

Geiranger Light Art Festival 2023 is supported by Sparebanken Møre
and Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune


Music: Aleksander Kostopoulos
Light design: Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes

Out of the darkness the cube is rising!

Encapsulated in a digital organism of sound, light, beams, images, rhythm and song. A unique musical mind flows beyond all boundaries and opens it’s rhythmic powerhouse. A rare spectacular experience where the observer’s sensory apparatus gets a noticeable kick in their framework. Out of the visual chaos, harmonious rhythms and a silky smooth voice flows. Leave cosmos and enter an unknown dimension.

Oftania is an audiovisual concert installation by Aleksander Kostopoulos and video artist Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes. Aleksander is placed inside the cube and performs a formidable mix of percussion and electronics. With the help of light, video and textiles, he blends seamlessly with the visual design. All light, video and sound are also distributed from this centre of power. The audience moves freely around the cube in the center of the room. This means that you can discover and get very close to various visual and audible elements, depending on where you choose to stand in the room. Oftania’s theme is life, and life’s impermanent nature. We must wake up, we won’t get a replay.

Aleksander Kostopolous is one of Norway’s most active musicians. He has played together with Mari Boine, ISAK, Adjagas, Moddi, Marthe Valle and not least as vocalist and songwriter in his solo project.

Music: Aleksander Kostopoulos
Visual design: Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes

TICKETS (kr 200,-/100,-):

Friday 24/2 @ 21:00 in Vy Bussgarasjen (Ørnevegen 5 in Geiranger sentrum)

Saturday 25/2 @ 21:00 in Vy Bussgarasjen (Ørnevegen 5 in Geiranger sentrum)


Aleksandra Stratimirovic

Underworld is a spatial installation in form of luminous forms depicting an imaginary tiny undersea settlement. The project emerged from the aim to put attention onto sensitive sea life and its fragile environment. Underworld is made using the disposed fishing materials that are collected from the sea bottom along the Swedish coastline. Layers of different fishing nets are mixed together in the layers of times. Underworld depicts a dimension of the everyday life of a fictional civilisation from the world under, given few recognizable and familiar elements of the human life. Such as urban character of the installation, simple forms of architecture and the subtle dynamic lighting. Originally composed soundscape that combines sound of sea life with urban life gives deeper and life-sparkling dimension to the artwork. Underworld links to the fragile sea life, as an imaginary passage connecting the known world with the unknown imaginary world.

During the last 25 years, the award winning Serbian born artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic has become a highly recognized international light art artist, and she’s had exhibitions in numerous countries. Today, she is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Artist: Aleksandra Stratimirovic

Music: Leonel Kaplan 

In collaboration with Sotenäs Marine Recycling Centre


Birk Nygaard

Fossegrim, is a water spirit or troll in Scandinavian folklore. Fossegrim plays the fiddle, especially the Hardanger fiddle. Fossegrim has been associated with a mill spirit (kvernknurr) and is related to the water spirit (neck). The Fossegrim can reshape himself according to his mood, and when feeling poorly treated he can rise from the river as a frightening figure.

Birk Nygaards installation in Storfossen is a hommage to folklore in general and an attempt to honour the infinite inspiration that can be harvested in nature. Trough the use of a videoprojector and lasers Nygaard is attempting a symbiosis of light and movement symbolising the endlessly flowing and bouldering waterfall.

Birk Nygaard is an ever experimenting visual creator working with light, visuals and technology. With two decades of experience working with musicians, theatre and more to lift artistic expressions to new heights.

Nygaard also runs his own light art festival; Bergen lights, aiming to bring the art form out to the public in his home city of Bergen.

Projection on the Vesterås mountain

ProjektorPøblene (ProjectorPunks)

ProjektorPøblene (ProjectorPunks) is an audio/visual production company with a clear social profile. Mads Faste Liang Nilsen is the artist behind this daring project, turning Vesteråsfjellet (the Vesterås mountain) into a huge film screen and doing a three hour live projection performance every night during the festival. The best way to experience this performance is to take the elevator from the reception at Havila Hotel Geiranger to the hotel roof, where you can enjoy the visual artwork accompanied by music controlled by the visuals. The audience will also be able to try changing the visuals. 

The majestic mountain towering over Geiranger will show itself from a completely new side, and this massive artwork will be seen from all over the lower part of the village. This is a pilot project – an artistic projection mapping on nature of this size has never been done before. 

Music On Display

Benjamin Mørk

Benjamin Mørk is a pianist and composer with background from the metal industry. He has created the outdoor-installation Music On Display. The piece was commissioned by Bodø 2024 and will be touring prior to 2024. 

The installation is audience-controlled and will light up and begin to play music by Mørk in his Mechanical Piano-style when the public activates it via the glowing button underneath. 

Music On Display lets the audience experience music in public spaces and nature without the interference of an artistic ego. 

The installation consists of a self-playing piano mounted in an architechtural structure made of steel and glass. It is designed by Mørk and constructed in cooperation with Petersen Blikkenslager, Maritim Sveiseservice, Nordmetall, Tromsdalen Elektro, Lydproduksjon and Thomas Myrvoll. 

Link to music: https://spoti.fi/3Ffpy62 

Instagram: @Benjaminmork

Floating Island

Visuals: Noémi Prud’hommenoemiprudhomme.fr 
Sound: Yohan Dumasyohandumas.com

Floating Island is an artwork that brings a marvellous island to the neighborhood. Full of patterns, the old barn is moving in the waves, transforming itself into a new world full of beauty. Stones become precious gems, the doors look like entrances of palaces, the windows shape into curved wood. In all their complexity, the ornaments accumulate on the architecture, propose a luminous travel into imagination.    

Noémi Prud’homme is a French visual artist working with paper and light. She
explores imagination by using optical illusions with ornaments and infinite patterns.
In her Video mapping artwork she collaborates with Yohan Dumas, a French sound artist that
focuses on improvisation.
The monumental scale of Video mapping gives access to a complete immersion into illusions
and contemplations which allow a rich perceptual experience.

Visuals: Noémi Prud’homme – noemiprudhomme.fr 
Sound: Yohan Dumas – yohandumas.com


Thomas Bruvik

Tegninger is a piece about nature and our interaction with it. By drawing fluid lines of light in a nature scene, the work seeks to find connections between artificial and natural landscape elements. 

The lines aim to extend or counteract existing structures in the terrain and to skew the perception of the landscape. Through shape and colours the artist intends to generate abstract associations in direct connection with the landscape in which they are residing.

The piece is site-specific. Tegninger has previously been exhibited during Bergen Lights and Fjell Festning Light Festival.

Thomas Bruvik works with light and video design and technology. He has a background in the performing arts environment in Bergen and works with companies such as 71Bodies and Carte Blanche.



Photos from Bergen Lights by Øystein Haara 

Thanks to Bergen Lights og Birk Nygaard

The Romance of the Abandoned Cabin

Victoria Gouzikovski

The installation works with the aura surrounding the abandoned cabin that one might come across in the woods. The abandoned cabin with lights on is at once a beacon of hope and a warm sign of assurance, but can also be an ominous symbol, not knowing what may be within. The project works with this ambiguous mood to situate a network of alternative cabins within the darkness of the winter fjords. The site-specific installation takes inspiration from the cabins in the Norwegian wilderness. Without doors or windows, these cabins have a radical openness to nature and visitors.


Victoria Gouzikovski is a transdisciplinary artist working with alternative formats, anti-disciplinary artistic research, and counter-hegemonic design focusing on the study and construction of heterotopias. From January to March, Victoria is Artist-in-Residence in Geiranger.

Seance with the ghost in the machine

Kjersti Austdal
Music: Nicholas Rakita

An investigation of that spark in the webcam lens that catches your eye as you surf youtube at 2am. Is there a specter in the software, a glimmer of consciousness weaving through the web? Could we lift the veil, reach out and touch fingertips from either side of the screen?


“Seance with the ghost in the machine” is a multimedia-installation centered around a sculpture made of computer screens. The sculpture warps and reflects video onto the surrounding space, creating an ethereal atmosphere.


Kjersti Austdal is a visual artist based in Oslo. She is a collector who deconstructs objects and reconstructs them in new combinations, creating sculptures, installations and performance art. In recent years she has created work that explores digital technology from a mythological perspective. She has held a number of exhibitions nationally and internationally, and her work is featured in the collection of the Central Bank of Norway.

Disturbing Nature

Christine Istad og Lisa Pacini (IstadPacini ArtLab)

‘Disturbing Nature’ is an art project by Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini, comprising a series of video works filmed at night while the artists had a residency at Skåbu in Nord-Fron municipality. Positioned between the dystopian and the miraculous, the films measure our reactions to what is difficult to face in our destructive relationship with our environment, and with the unknown. The artists have developed a distinctive technique to create the works, which reinforces their sense of mystery. Some of the images may summon a possible catastrophic scenario, such as the aftermath of toxic emissions. Gold dust slowly spreading across plants and organic matter, the latter appearing as sculptural objects, offer associations to lava and fire, volcanic eruptions and forest fires caused by an overheated globe. 


Randiane Aalberg Sandboe, Geir Olav Sebjørnsen under 1001W and Fjell Festning Light Festival. 

Moon is an art piece made by lighting designer Randiane Aalberg Sandboe in collaboration with exhibition architect Geir Olav Sebjørnsen for Fjell Festning Light Festival in 2020. At Fjell Festning the piece was projected on a huge screen out in the nature. During the artistic process there came a longing «to bring the moon down from the sky», to get closer to it. With help from the lighting designer’s way of using scenic effects, and the exhibition architects way of «thinking big», the moon got a warmth that glows in the dark – and a transparentness that explores what’s behind what we normally can’t see… What do you see? 


Martinus Larsen

The work “Dråpe” is a search to create a magical or dream-like atmosphere by allowing pastel-coloured light to shine and reflect on the surface of the river, emphasizing the living power of water. Light and water interact to create a moving and pulsating form to highlight that the water flows is part of a unique and living system. Although the water currents have enormous power, the water is part of a fragile cycle that we all depend on. The light pulses are intended as an image of the pulsating rhythm of life and the continuous flow of water is to symbolize nature’s eternal cycle.